Designing a watch is a difficult but fascinating challenge. The first aspect to be respected is its functionality i.e. telling the time, and this must not differ in any way from the accepted manner. It would serve no purpose to produce a fantastic creation which, on a practical level, does not fulfil its function. On the contrary, it is preferable to favour simplicity and efficacy – guarantees of maximum appreciation on the part of the wearer/owner.
Another obstacle which must always be taken into consideration is the mechanics of the watch and these require specific technical prerequisites which determine the positioning of windows and additional hands in extremely specific places.
The design, therefore, must find a balance between all these specific constructional demands and integrate creativity and good taste in such a way as to stir passion and contentment in the person wearing the watch. Every watch created by Zannetti is always designed and drawn exclusively by hand. It may be the combination of the pencil, the pastels and the carbon lead which transform a white sheet of paper into an idea, preparing the eye, even before the hand, to imagine and conceive a new and original form.