Manufacture Engraving Details


Bulino dotting engraving extremely high definition images by producing thousands or even millions of micro dots into the surface of the metal controlling tonal reflection density changes from light to dark by means of manipulating light and or light absorption. In general there will be several tones between light and dark which will represent gray's, these are called mid tones and in general contain most of the details of a specific image. The whole work is exclusively hand made. The origin of decorated arms is lost in the mists of pre-history. The role of man's earliest weapons in providing food and insuring his survival made them some of the earliest and most important tools.
The impulse to decorate and personalize them must have accounted for some of humankind's first artistic endeavors. As societies and technology evolved, the bond between art and arms logically continued. Whether for king or tribal chieftain, weaponry represented the means to acquiring and holding political power, and the enhancement of these to suit the status of the owner was a given. What are a scepter and crown, if not vestigial arm and armor? Whatever the origins, by the time the first firearms were developed, the tradition of decorating arms had long been established. The earliest matchlocks were mostly more or less issue military tools, and hence not often decorated. However as wheellocks and then flintlocks evolved some of the best artistic efforts of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries were applied to them.